3 Nights camel ride in Merzouga Sand dunes

This trip begins after a relaxed lunch (depending on the time of your arrival). The camels will be packed with food, blankets and everything we will need. The walk will start right in the desert, where it is totally isolated. The path we take will take us to a small oasis in the middle of the dunes. This is where we are going to spend the night. It will be a magical night when the sky is clear from the deck and the stars shine and shine with intensity. During the first night, there will be a wonderful dinner around a campfire. with a drum party. In the morning, after breakfast we will have about 2 hours to reach our next destination.

In the shade of this tree, we will have our lunch. After lunch we went to the house of a family of nomads with whom he will spend his second night and share a time with them. The next day, after having our breakfast with the Berbers, we headed to another small oasis that is in the middle of the desert. Before arriving at the camp we stop on the way to lunch. Your third night will be spent with a family of Berber nomads who live in this particular oasis. During the dinner we will have a fantastic drum party. After breakfast we will return to our hotel in Merzouga.